The main motivation of Editor’s Cafe is to provide an active forum to the science editors to share and identify common problems and highlight the importance of close collaboration to raise the level of scientific publishing

Editor's Cafe is one of its kind event, launched by The ACSE back in 2014, Editor's Cafe is aimed to provide an active forum to the journal editors to share the new ideas, discuss the problems, threats, future challenges, and the ways to meet international publication standards. Editors Café is a networking oriented event that not only provides editors a friendly atmosphere to meet their colleagues and other industry experts but also helps them to discuss the ways to increase the discoverability of their journals and help them adapt the latest global publication trends.

Behind the launch of Editors Café, there was a thorough observation of the problems which Asian scholarly publishing community was facing. Out of those problems, the major concern find was the unavailability of regular and frequent networking events for editorial community. A huge communication gap was observed among the publishing community. To cover up this gap, The ACSE launched Editors Café and organized it in different Asian Countries which were quite well responded by the regional editorial communities.

The ACSE Editors Café has gained rapid popularity among the Asian Editorial Community since then. The forum also proved very productive for ACSE in terms of analyzing the problems and issues faced by the Asian Scholarly publishing community. In each episode of Editors Café, key elements from the discussions of editors are noted and then analyzed. ACSE also completed a number of surveys through Editors Cafe which has resulted in the shape of launching new initiatives by The ACSE which provides solutions for some of the editorial problems. Also, the ACSE Editors Café was noticed internationally and was appreciated by the industry.

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