The ACSE is the first and the foremost organization in Asia, that aims to provide a unified and active platform for Asian editors and scholars to understand about their editorial problems, explore solutions and devotedly take up the future challenges to enhance the quality of Asian Scientific and Scholarly publications.

Asian Council of Science Editors is a reputable and one of the leading organizations in Asia aiming at providing an active and progressive platform for Asian editors and scholars to understand state of the art technology being used in solving editorial complexities, ways and means to find innovative solutions to the editorial and publication problems and prepare old, young and would be editor/publishers to face challenges related with quality of scholarly publications that may appear in near and/or distant future.

It is a nonprofit organization with Asian origin but international horizon that has been primarily created with the sole aim of providing and promoting best practices in scholarly publications and disseminating innovative information and solutions to the publication problems mainly through connecting the Asian scholarly community with their international sister organizations.

ACSE work with capable professionals and experts in scholarly publishing industry by offering them networking and workshop opportunities and meaningful discussion forums. ACSE strives to enhance understanding, skills and knowledge of her members which indirectly enhances the quality and reliability of scientific literature. ACSE members represent all facets of scholarly publishing community comprising early career researchers, editors, publishers, printers, e-products developers, technical service providers and librarians.

ACSE members come from a wide range of large and small commercial and nonprofit organizations who gathers at ACSE’s annual meetings, educational seminars, Editors Café and other ACSE forums to hear the latest trends from industry experts and to discuss common issues and mutual/divergent goals and viewpoints.

ACSE vision is to present herself as the most credible organization that can provides an active forum to publishing community and professionals where they can find the solutions of current and emerging issues in scholarly communications

Our mission is to connect professionals, develop intelligent and capable human resources and innovative publication tools, disseminate authentic information and collaborate with regional and international organizations to represent the professional publishing community of Asia around the globe

Core Values
ACSE believes in the highest quality standards, ethics and norms of business accepted worldwide that are guiding principles of our thinking and determinant of our behavior, thus allowing us to cater local needs with internationally accepted values of scholarly publications

At ACSE, over 4000 honorable members that encompass all sectors of the scholarly publishing community can avail all the modern and state of the art facilities/opportunities for networking, sharing ideas, participating in e-conferences and Skype meetings at both national and international levels: a kind of support that help ACSE to grow and expand her horizon vertically and horizontally.

ACSE encourages her members to collaborate with organizations that are engaged in raising the standards of scholarly publications at will, wish and choice. Our strong strategic collaboration with such organizations provide the perfect platform to our members for enhancing their professional skills and availing learning opportunities through active and supportive participation

ACSE very humbly provide and arrange best possible opportunities not only for her members, but all the stakeholders engaged in scholarly publishing by providing skill enhancement training programs, workshops and resources for adoption of the best publishing practices

ACSE prepare and empowers the researcher's community to produce and disseminate the generated knowledge by equipping them with tools and training and authentic information on how to plan, generate and disseminate knowledge and research output in the fields of science, technology, medicine, social sciences and arts & humanities

ACSE Activities
Our core activities include:
  •  Supporting professional development through seminars, training workshops, short courses and conferences
  •  Promoting and maintaining ambitious standards of editing and publishing throughout the region
  •  Helping professionals of scholarly publishing community to network and collaborate
  •  Shaking hands with related associations in areas of common concerns.

112, Al-Noor Building, Deira Dubai. U.A.E
+971 50 925 3308
acse [at]