The ACSE Annual Conference is always being a place to learn about the latest innovations in publishing, changes in technology, and changes in publishing culture.

The ACSE Annual Conference is always being a place to learn about the latest innovations and changes in publishing technology and culture.

Since its establishment, ACSE is organizing Annual Conference in Dubai, UAE, which invites researchers and editors from all over the globe and particularly from Asia, thus, providing immense opportunities to the participant and the ACSE staff to consider the challenges faced by Asian scholarly publishing industry with an impressive roster of dynamic and experienced speakers, industry experts and world-famous consultants. It offers an exclusive mix of learning sessions, workshops and short courses for all the stakeholders of the industry.

Over the times, the conference has gained immense popularity for integrating her participants in different networking sessions comprising Editors Café, ACSE Meetups, ACSE Awards and the Reception Dinner. In addition to this, an open discussion platform known as Expert Panel Round is also offered to the participants where they can freely discuss the problems they face during their publishing careers. Last but not the least, the ACSE Annual conference also brings a chance for the participants of its Mentorship Program to meet and greet each other and have live discussions.

In addition to this, the participation of industry at the ACSE Annual Conference has always contributed to its success. Speakers and experts from different societies and organizations can participate in "Industry's Sponsored Speakers Slot (ISSS)" and can help the audience understanding the objectives and current initiatives of their respective organizations. The ACSE Annual Conference is therefore, the leading Asian platform where participants can find an opportunity to explore, learn and implement the latest international publishing standards.

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