A unique body of supporting expert volunteers, dedicated for empowering and managing the identity of Asian Council of Science Editors

One of the unique features of ACSE is a participation of volunteers who serve on the Board of Directors and committees which provide them easy access to network with old colleagues and making new connections. We are now seeking volunteers who are interested in sharing their expertise and time to support the cause of ACSE by joining one of the ACSE Committees. We will group our committees during the months of August and September. Volunteers interested to serve any one of the following committees for the year 2019-2020 are invited to send their applications by completing an online volunteer proforma.

Committee Details:
Committee on Asian Publishing Standards (CAPS)
CAPS escorts the philosophy of research integrity with professional guide & support to the council members as well as promote an Ethical Code of Conduct among publishing professionals at each expertise level.

CAPS is a leading initiative of Asian Council of Science Editors geared towards the betterment of the Asian publishing industry exclusively. This Committee is formulated by the ACSE Board and operates with the governance bodies of ACSE, key stakeholders within the industry, ACSE members & Advisory Cabinet about the interpretations of computing publishing practices, misconduct cases, ethical behaviors and their appropriate technical solutions.

The committee is solely responsible to develop and raise the Asian publishing Standards and formulate the best publishing practices while focusing the regional needs of Asian publishing communities. It also includes mentoring members with impact, key guidance and routine learning campaigns that support the Asian journals and publishers to accomplish their policies.

Advisory Cabinet
The ACSE Advisory Cabinet is formulated to seek expertise and direction outside of the main headquarters. The cabinet members are selected on the basis of ACSE Selection criteria and are chosen from different regions in Asia. These members will be responsible to observe, understand and communicate the emerging issues of local academic publishing community as well as strengthen its bond with the council for providing best possible solutions of ongoing publishing issues in that specific region.

Education, Training and Networking Committee
This committee plans and conducts educational seminars, webinars, workshops and ACSE Editors Café throughout the year. Committee members work with staff and other committees to promote the sessions in all manners. They are also responsible to develop the pre-and post-event reports of the training, educational or networking related activities conducted by this committee.

Membership Committee
This committee promotes membership of the council, develops concepts for membership retention and growth duly approved by the board and work with the Executive Director in matters concerning the membership directory and other relevant matters. The committee is also responsible for formulating strategies to change member's benefits after getting approval from the Board.

Annual Conference Program Committee
This Committee works within guidelines established by the Board of Directors to plan and organizes the ACSE Annual Conference. It also helps in selecting the theme for the Annual Conference and determines the topics for keynote, plenary, and parallel sessions as well as training workshops. Members invite speakers, provide guidance on the outcome and expectations and work with staff and other ACSE committees to plan the schedule and promotion of the meetings

Communication Committee
This committee is responsible for helping ACSE’s internal and external communications including maintenance/updating the website and other social networking sites. The committee members generate content, suggest policies and practices, and assist in keeping the organization fluid by recommending traditional and alternative communication strategies

Industry Collaboration Committee
This committee responds to new requests for collaboration and steers specific requests to the appropriate committee. The Committee Members proactively identify new collaborative opportunities, strategic partnerships and provide information about planned ACSE activities to other organizations while retaining the previous supporting organization and formulating strategies to further enhance collaboration with them.

Mentorship Committee
This is basically an outreach committee of ACSE that provide new members with the opportunity to form new professional partnerships with other scholarly publishing agencies by offering them help in solving problems and providing support that is constantly required as the new challenges are being faced on a daily basis.

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