Journal Members

The following journals are recognized as Members of the Asian Council of Science Editors
Journals p-ISSN e-ISSN Country
Asian Journal of Algebra 1994-540x 2077-2025 Pakistan
Asian Journal of Animal Sciences 1819-1878 Pakistan
Asian Journal of Biological Sciences 1996-3351 UAE
Asian Journal of Clinical Nutrition 1992-1470 2077-2033 Pakistan
Asian Journal of Crop Science 1994-7879 2077-2041 Pakistan
Asian Journal of Dermatology 1996-3424 Pakistan
Asian Journal of Developmental Biology 1996-0727 Pakistan
Asian Journal of Emerging Research 2663-4988 2664-5211 UAE
Asian Journal of Epidemiology 1992-1462 Pakistan
Asian Journal of Industrial Engineering 1996-3386 Pakistan
Asian Journal of Materials Science 1996-3394 Pakistan
Asian Journal of Mathematics & Statistics 1994-5418 2077-2068 Pakistan
Asian Journal of Nematology 1996-403X Pakistan
Asian Journal of Plant Pathology 1819-1541 UAE
Asian Journal of Plant Sciences 1682-3974 1812-5697 Pakistan
Asian Journal of Rural Development 1996-336X Pakistan
Asian Journal of Scientific Research 1992-1454 2077-2076 Pakistan
Asian Journal of Textile 1819-3358 Pakistan
Asian Science Bulletin 1813-0070 UAE
Bacteriology Journal 2153-0211 2153-0238 UAE
Biotechnology 1682-296X 1682-2978 Pakistan
Current Research in Bacteriology 1994-5426 2077-2122 Pakistan
Current Research in Chemistry 1996-5052 2152-3385X Pakistan
Current Research in Dairy Sciences 1994-5434 Pakistan
Current Research in Poultry Science 2152-2111 2152-212x UAE
Current Research in Tuberculosis 1819-3366 2152-3363 UAE
Hematologia 2224-1566 Pakistan
Information Technology Journal 1812-5638 1812-5646 Pakistan
International Journal of Biological Chemistry 1819-155x 2152-2561 UAE
International Journal of Botany 1811-9700 1811-9719 Pakistan
International Journal of Chemical Technology 1996-3416 2152-3304 Pakistan
International Journal of Meat Science 2071-7113 Pakistan
International Journal of Oceanography and Marine Ecological System 2224-249x 1821-2289 Pakistan
International Journal of Osteoporosis and Metabolic Disorders 1994-5442 2077-2157 Pakistan
International Journal of Poultry Science 1682-8356 1994-7992 Pakistan
International Journal of Thermal and Fluid Sciences 2225-3556 Pakistan
Journal of Agronomy 1812-5379 1812-5417 Pakistan
Journal of Applied Sciences 1812-5654 1812-5662 Pakistan
Journal of Artificial Intelligence 1994-5450 2077-2173 Pakistan
Journal of Biological Sciences 1727-3048 1812-5719 Pakistan
Journal of Entomology 1812-5670 1812-5689 Pakistan
Journal of Environmental Science and Technology 1994-7887 2077-2181 Pakistan
Journal of Food Resource Science 2224-3550 Pakistan
Journal of Medical Sciences 1682-4474 1812-5727 Pakistan
Journal of Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciences 2224-2503 Pakistan
Journal of Software Engineering 1819-4311 2152-0941 Pakistan
Microbiology Journal 2153-0696 2153-0718 Pakistan
Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences 1028-8880 1812-5735 Pakistan
Pakistan Journal of Nutrition 1680-5194 1994-7984 Pakistan
Plant Pathology Journal 1812-5387 1812-5425 Pakistan
Research Journal of Botany 1816-4919 2152-0461 UAE
Research Journal of Cardiology 1819-3404 2151-8297 UAE
Research Journal of Forestry 1819-3439 2151-8262 UAE
Research Journal of Immunology 1994-7909 2077-2211 Pakistan
Research Journal of Information Technology 1815-7432 2151-7959 UAE
Research Journal of Medicinal Plants 1819-3455 2151-7924 UAE
Research Journal of Microbiology 1793-8899 2151-8211 UAE
Research Journal of Mutagenesis 1994-7917 Pakistan
Research Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 1996-5044 Pakistan
Research Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology 1994-7925 2077-222X Pakistan
Research Journal of Parasitology 2151-657X UAE
Research Journal of Physics 1819-3463 UAE
Research Journal of Phytochemistry 1819-3471 2151-6081 UAE
Research Journal of Veterinary Sciences 1819-1908 2151-786X UAE
Science International 2305-1884 UAE
Singapore Journal of Chemical Biology 2010-0094 2010-0108 UAE
Singapore Journal of Scientific Research 2010-006X 2010-0051 UAE
The International Journal of Applied Economics and Finance 1991-0886 2077-2149 Pakistan
Trends in Agricultural Economics 1994-7933 2077-2246 Pakistan
Trends in Applied Sciences Research 1819-3579 2151-7908 UAE
Trends in Bioinformatics 1994-7941 2077-2254 Pakistan
Trends in Medical Research 1819-3587 2151-6065 UAE
Trends in Molecular Sciences 1994-5469 2077-2270 Pakistan

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