ACSE 2015 Annual Meeting
Trends in Academic and Scholarly Publishing in Asia
August 13-14, 2015, Dubai, UAE

The Asian Council of Science Editors conducted its 2nd Annual Meeting on Aug 13-14, 2015 at Metropolitan Palace, Dubai, UAE. The theme of this year's Annual Meeting was Trends in Academic and Scholarly Publishing in Asia. A big gathering of Editors, Editors in Chief, Vice Chancellors, Professors and Early Career Researchers belonging to different countries including Malaysia, Qatar, Pakistan, Venezuela, India, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Iran, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom attended this Annual meeting. The event was collaborated and sponsored by BioScience Writers, LiveDNA, ISMTE, ANSInet, EASE, Technica Editorial Services, PCST, Editage, BELS, Knowledgia, SACO, Aries, Academic Journals Inc. and Science Alert.

The event was inaugurated on Aug 13, 2015 with the welcome address by Dr. Anwar ul Hassan Gilani, Chairman, Pakistan Council for Science and Technology and Dr. Elizabeth Wager, Director, The Asian Council of Science Editors.

The first day of the meeting had three interesting short courses for journal editors including Publication Ethics, Peer review and Metrics by Dr. Elizabeth Wager, How to develop a successful journal by Pippa Smart and Marketing for Scholarly Journals by Rachel Maund. All the three short courses were quite interactive. The coffee and lunch break provided the participants a great chance to network with each other. The day was ended with a certificate distribution ceremony.

The second day program progressed with the first lecture by Dr. Pichan Prabhasankar from India who delivered his lecture on The Present and Future of Scholarly Publishing in Asia. Then, Pippa Smart from EASE, UK gave her lecture on Integration the Gender Dimension in Research and Innovation. The Dramatic growth of Open Access Journals and its Impact was then discussed exclusively by Dr. Syed Irfan Hyder from Pakistan. Dr. Bashair Mussa from Ajman, UAE then gave a very interesting lecture on Going Green-Embracing the Digital forms of Scholarly Publishing. Pippa Smart, from EASE, UK again came to stage and delivered a very interesting and informative lecture on lnsights of Article Level Metrics in Research Evaluation. Mr. Mehrdad Jalalian from Iran was then invited to give a lecture on the rising threat to scholarly journals i.e. Journal Hijacking. At the end, Dr. Saber Abd-Allah delivered a comprehensive lecture on Publication norms among Asia, Africa and Western world.

This Annual Meeting was special in terms of bringing out the first set of The ACSE Ambassadors at the forefront. During the year 2015, The ACSE worked on the selection of some determinant professors and early career researchers for being the ACSE Ambassadors, who willingly will contribute to the organization by supporting the principle objectives and key activities of the council in their respective domains. These individuals are eminent and active in their particular sphere and will help to disseminate the goals and objectives of The ACSE. This year six ambassadors including Dr. El Wakil, Dr. Bashair Mussa, Dr. Aboulata, Dr. Asghar Khan, Dr. Idrees Saleh and Dr. Ahsan Akram were selected by the council and were awarded the ACSE Ambassador souvenirs.

Besides this, some fruitful corner meetings of ACSE team with high officials of reputed organizations were also conducted during this Annual Meeting. In these corner meetings, the ACSE team discussed the concerns and activities of ACSE and elaborated the nature of intellectual support required from their respective organizations. In the result, Dr. Fatima Jawad, President, Pakistan Association of Medical Editors assured her maximum support to the cause of ACSE. Dr. Zabta Khan Shinwari, Secretary General, Pakistan Academy of Sciences also conveyed his appreciation for ACSE activities and assured the full support of Pakistan Academy of Sciences in fulfilling the objectives of ACSE. Dr. Muhammad Aslam, Vice Chancellor, University of Heath Science, very generously encouraged the ACSE objectives and welcomed ACSE team to organize meeting for medical and dental students of Punjab in the University of Health Sciences. Dr. Muhammad Qaiser, Vice Chancellor, University of Karachi also assured maximum support for ACSE events from the end of his institution. Dr. Anwar ul Hassan Gilani very optimistically intended to continue the collaboration of Pakistan Council for Science and Technology with Asian Council of Science Editors. This encouragement and appreciation was a real source of motivation for ACSE team to move on to achieve the council's objectives.

During this annual meeting, ACSE board members had a board meeting in which they discussed the progress of the council and its activities throughout the year and also focused on the future goals of ACSE. It was mutually decided that this year, ACSE would conduct training events in Malaysia, Egypt, Turkey and Qatar, will try to strengthen relationship and liaisons with the existing collaborators and establish new collaborations internationally, will focus exclusively on opening and promoting Journal Membership and would promote AMS Central and Open ACSE among the existing and potential members of ACSE.

The meeting was ended at the certificate distribution ceremony for participants, speakers and facilitators and a group photo of all attendees.

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