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August 20, 2023 | Annual Meeting

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August 20, 2023

  • Prof. Dr. Zabta Khan Shinwari
    Meeting Chair, 9th ACSE Annual Meeting

    Welcome Address

  • Maryam Sayab
    Director of Communications, ACSE, UAE

    Navigating Scholarly Publishing: An Introduction to the Asian Council of Science Editors and Latest Updates

  • Prof. Dr. Zabta Khan Shinwari
    Prof. Emeritus, Quaid-i-Azam University, Pakistan

    Empowering Knowledge: The Tech-Driven Revolution in Scholarly Publishing

  • Dr. Guoxing Liu
    Chairman/President of AiScholar, China

    AI-augmented Scholarly Publishing Support at AiScholar

  • Dr. Lisa M. DeTora
    Director of STEM Writing, Hofstra University, New York

    Zoe Preston
    Manager of Editorial Support Services, Articulate Sciences

    GPP in Focus: Assessing the Current State and Posing Critical Questions


  • Prof. Dr. Kaiser Jamil
    Bhagwan Mahavir Medical Research Centre (BMMRC), India

    Empowering Scholarly Writers and Editors: Driving Equity and Evolution in Scientific Publishing

  • Dr. Sam T. Mathew
    Senior Director, Medical Affairs, Cactus Life Sciences, India

    Unveiling the Dark Side of Publishing: Predatory Practices in Asian Journals

  • Prof. Oleg Ruchayskiy
    COO and Co-founder at Prophy, Denmark

    Revolutionizing Scholarly Publishing: Prophy's Journey of Innovation and Empowerment

  • Gunjan Khashu
    Accuracy, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    The Human Touch in Publishing: Why Language Editors are Vital for Error-Free, Well-Crafted Research Papers

  • Dr. Martin Delahunty
    Director, Inspiring STEM Consulting

    Safeguarding Research Integrity: Addressing Ethical Issues in Scholarly Publishing

  • Dr. Dikran Toroser
    Sr. Director, Publication Management, Merck, USA

    Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) and Good Publication Practice: Adapting to the Digital Era

  • Dr. Tash Brown
    Managing Director, TrendMD, USA

    Science Communication in the Digital Age: Engaging a Wider Audience

  • Panel Discussion
    Xu Jiayi, Haseeb Md Irfanullah and Laura Dormer

    Exploring the Pros and Cons: The Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Scholarly Publishing Industry

  • Dr. Dikran Toroser
    Director, Asian Council of Science Editors, UAE

    Closing Remarks