Asian Council of Science Editors has developed a Reviewer’s Bank to improve the current situation of the peer reviewing system of scholarly communications in Asia.

Why does peer review matter?
Peer review is the heart of the scientific method. Its philosophy is based on the idea that any research must survive the scrutiny of experts before it is presented to the scientific community as worthy of thoughtful consideration. It is considered as one of the most important part of the scientific process without which, validity, significance and originality of the papers will be questionable

Reviewers - The Pillars of the Academic Publishing:
Reviewers are the pillars that support the magnificent edifices of the scientific journals. Seth Leopold: editor of CORR has rightly said that "Reviewers are like refrigerators, cars, fingers, knees and shoulders, we notice them only when they don't work". Academic journals cannot exist without reviewer's contribution.

Peer Review and Reviewers in Asia
The Asian scholarly publishing community is facing a fundamental problem in peer reviewing of their articles submitted for publication in their journals.

The fake peer review is another major threat to the scientific knowledge. Leading scientific publishers have retracted many articles due to this problem.

The job of reviewers is perceivably a thankless endeavor, so they find it very hard to contribute voluntarily for this purpose. Lack of a proper academic publishing network in Asia that help and support editors as well as reviewers and recognize their efforts and contribution in the industry, is also a fundamental problem.

The ACSE Reviewers Bank
While analyzing and assessing the problems of the Asian publishing industry, The ACSE has tried to develop a Reviewer’s Bank comprising recognized reviewers for the help of the Asian journals to maintain their quality and to help them channelize the whole publishing system.

The ACSE Reviewer's Bank will help developing a network of Asian Reviewers for the publishing industry in Asia. Through this platform, it will be easy for editors to get in touch with the available and willing reviewers. Moreover, The ACSE Reviewer Bank will be a platform to acknowledge and recognize the "reviewers" for each review they conduct. Their contributions will be highlighted in their profile and will also be appreciated as "Reviewer of the Month" and "Reviewer of the year" at The ACSE Annual Conferences.

The ACSE Reviewer's Bank aims at growing the review standards and acceptability of her members. It will take Reviewer's Bank as an opportunity not only to get helpful reviews, but also train the next generation of reviewers in the art and science of reviewing the article. Different online and physical training sessions will be available for the members of the Reviewer’s Bank with significant discounts on registrations. The purpose behind these trainings is to develop the reviewer's capacity to do quality peer review for an article.

As a member of The ACSE Reviewer's Bank, you will be entitled to the following benefits

  1.  A recognized platform where editors of all Asian Journals will be able to find you
  2.  Recognition of all your contributions as a reviewer
  3.  Recognition of your efforts as "Reviewer of the month" on The ACSE's Website
  4.  A linkage with the International Publishing Industry that collaborates with the ACSE
  5.  25% waive off:
       a) in the registration Fee for the Trainings of reviewers
       b) in the registration for the ACSE annual conference
       c) in the Registration for other ACSE Events

Join Reviewer’s Bank Today – It’s free
Whether you’re an experienced reviewer or interested in reviewing for the first time, we invite you to be a part of this Reviewer’s Bank and be a recognized reviewer. If you are interested to join the Reviewer’s Bank, please click here.

If you are interested to join the Reviewer’s Bank, please click here.

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