Strategies to Spot & Deal with Predatory Publishers

The webinar is designed strategically to equip and educate the authors to avoid being prey of predatory journals and help them identify and publish their research work in more trustworthy journals. The session will include an introduction to Predatory journals, how predatory publishing damages a researcher’s profile, ways to identify and avoid predatory publishers/journals and technical guidelness and tools to facilitate researchers.

During the webinar, we encourage attendees to share their real time issues, questions and experiences among like-minded individuals for productive discussions.

  • What will you learn?

    Attendees will gain basic information related to predatory publishing, and advance methods and ways to avoid predatory publishing; how much predatory publishing damages the scholarly publication ecosystem?; real time cases of predatory publishing and their consequences; tips and tricks to judge predatory publishers as well as ethical issues & authors responsibility.

  • Who should attend?

    Graduate Students, Master Grade Students, Early Career Researchers, Experience researchers and anyone interested in the field at any level of expertise.