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We prioritize our core values to address the needs of the local scholarly publishing community effectively.


It offers a prime opportunity for networking and reconnecting with peers while forging new global connections.


Enhances skills through partnerships with prestigious organizations, promoting global standards for scholarly publications.


Providing capacity-building programs to enhance skills and motivation for editorial staff and individuals.


Fosters global collaboration among researchers & editorial staff to share ideas and expertise across academic publishing domains.


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Join the Asian Council of Science Editors (ACSE) and be a part of a pioneering community dedicated to shaping the future of scholarly publishing in Asia. By becoming a member, you contribute to a collective effort to enhance the quality, credibility, and reach of academic work across the continent. The ACSE provides a unique platform for networking, professional development, and collaboration among editors, publishers, and scholars. Together, we can drive innovation, uphold ethical standards, and promote open access to knowledge. Embrace this opportunity to make a significant impact in the scholarly publishing landscape and help advance the frontiers of research and education in Asia.

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