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Join the vanguard of scholarly advancement by becoming a member of the Asian Council of Science Editors. Our community is a vibrant and dynamic blend of individuals, journals, corporations, and organizations, all united in their pursuit of excellence in scholarly publishing. By joining us, you gain access to a wealth of resources, networking opportunities, and expert guidance, becoming part of a movement dedicated to elevating the standards of scholarly communication worldwide. Whether you aim to enhance your individual expertise, elevate your journal's impact, or champion the cause of integrity and transparency in publishing within your organization, membership with the ACSE opens doors to endless possibilities. Embark on this journey with us and transform the landscape of scholarly publishing. Together, we can shape the future of scientific inquiry and dissemination for generations to come.


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Individual (Personal)

Open to researchers, scholars, editors, editorial staff, reviewers, consultants, librarians, information specialists, publishing professionals, and anyone involved or interested in scholarly publishing at the individual level

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Open for Data and analytics companies, research and development companies, professional services firms, technology providers, publishing houses, educational institutions and universities, library consortia, and non-profit organizations and associations

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Open for individual scholarly journals, society publications, open-access journals, subscription-based journals, emerging journals, specialized journals, and conference proceedings

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Open to small (1-5 journals), medium (6-15 journals), and large publishers (15+ journals)

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