ACSE Annual Meeting

A Convergence of Editorial Minds

Each year, ACSE hosts a collaborative event that brings together a diverse group of stakeholders from the scholarly publishing ecosystem, including experts, editors, policymakers, technologists, librarians, and publishers. This event serves as a platform to share innovations, foster relationships, address pressing issues, and explore solutions in scholarly publishing.


Educating the scholarly community is our driving force to pave the way for a brighter future in science and scholarly publishing.


A hub of engagement, where ideas flow, partnerships bloom, and the scholarly world unites for meaningful discussions.


Empowering individuals with knowledge and fostering transformative science to shape a brighter and more sustainable future for all.


Asian Conference on Science,
Technology & Medicine

Uniting Global STM Excellence

ACSTM is a globally renowned academic event that fosters reporting, advanced research, and development in the entire field of Science, Technology, and Medicine. ACSTM provides a high-end academic platform for both early-career and established scientists and researchers to share exciting ideas, refresh their knowledge, strengthen collaboration, and build new networks across disciplines.


Don't miss the chance to share your outstanding research work with the global academic community.


This hybrid event offers the perfect chance to interact and connect with your targeted audience, both in-person and online.


By sponsoring the event, you will gain high visibility among the participants not only during the event but also in post-event activities.


Emerging Scientist

Empowering Early Career Researchers

The Emerging Scientist series aims to inspire and empower early career researchers, providing a unique platform to connect with seasoned scientists, present their cutting-edge research, and refine their presentation prowess. Join us for this enriching experience where you'll master the art of delivering exceptional research findings, igniting vibrant discussions and idea exchange.


Experience exceptional opportunities to expand your network and connect with potential new leads, mentors, and collaborators.

Be Inspired

Surround yourself with passionate scientists and researchers, finding inspiration and motivation to pursue your scientific goals.

Career Advancement

Participating in Emerging Scientist can enhance your professional development as an academic professional.