Who we are

Established in 2010, The Asian Council of Science Editors (ACSE), comprises industry professionals and publishing experts committed to enriching the Asian scholarly publishing sector. By promoting best practices, establishing standardized editorial procedures, and sharing cutting-edge tools and insights, the Council strives to elevate regional publishing standards. It is committed to forging a dynamic network among individuals and organizations, fostering a community where members can harness collective wisdom for mutual growth and advancement.

Advancing Scholarly Publishing Across Asia

Positioned as the cornerstone of the Asian publishing industry, we empower professionals by nurturing cross-border community connections.

Code of Conduct
The ACSE upholds integrity and excellence through its robust Code of Conduct, rooted in Constitutional Articles, ensuring governance aligns with the highest ethical standards and evolves transparently.


Core Values

We prioritize our core values to address the needs of the local scholarly publishing community effectively.


It offers a prime opportunity for networking and reconnecting with peers while forging new global connections.


Enhances skills through partnerships with prestigious organizations, promoting global standards for scholarly publications.


Providing capacity-building programs to enhance skills and motivation for editorial staff and individuals.


Fosters global collaboration among researchers & editorial staff to share ideas and expertise across academic publishing domains.